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HUMANTEC is always working with
clients and doing their best

We have developed and supplied the pre- and post-injection processes of the plastics industry
through the accumulated technology of the take-out robot and the factory automation sector.

We will do our best without hurrying toward a higher goal, and we will become a HUMANTEC to breathe with our customers.

HUMANTEC listens to the customer's voice without being confident in the top spot.

Customer Satisfaction
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Business Area

HUMANTEC's technology and products are used in various fields


Taking-out automation of bumper, carrier, head lamp etc

IML Insert System

Automated insert, taking out such as cup, container, LID

Take-out Robot

High-speed take-out robot production

Home Appliances

Take-out automation such as washing machine, refrigerator, TV, film insert


Vision inspection, assembly automation, etc