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Business Area :: Take-out Robot


HUBOT series

It is a high-speed servo-type transverse running robot optimized for secondary automation. Built-in superior anti-vibration control for high-speed operation and precise operation, easy user convenience such as easy positioning as well as stability with safety protection function are considered.

High performance

Implementing high-speed take-out
Excellent anti vibration control built-in
Powerful anti vibration control with S-curve and jerk parameters
At mold area: less than +/- 0.087mm
Efficient instrument design
Lightweight: Achieving weight reduction with optimized parts and structure design of entire robot
Convenient change remodeling: Simplified remodeling of operation/semi-operation of old operation time and expense.

User convenience

Easy to set position
Smart Step Function
Position change function during step
Safty position check through +/- key in STEP
Auto mode change function during step
Release run in manual
1 cycle stop function
Automatically stop after releasing only the current product by grasping the state of the injection machine.

Application examples

This is an application examples in a real field.

This is a high-speed servo-type robot for take-off.